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Sample is -by-3 inch
square-edge solid strip.
Top portion is finished
with water base urethane;
bottom with oil modified

Typically available in light (manila/yellowtones) or dark (tannish brown) shades.  Colors vary between manufacturers.
GRAIN: Distinctive grain pattern shows nodes from the bamboo stalks.
VARIATIONS WITHIN SPECIES AND GRADES: Available either horizontally or vertically laminated.  Horizontal construction tends to show nodes more prominently.


HARDNESS (JANKA): Bamboo is a grass.   Janka values vary widely between various manufacturers and between horizontal and vertical construction.
DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Engineered construction.

Cuts easily with most tools.
SANDING: Due to its unique, fibrous structure, bamboo should not be sanded across the grain or at a 45-degree angle to the grain. Its light color tends to show swirl marks, other sanding marks and finish imperfections, much as a light maple floor can..
NAILING: No known problems
FINISHING: All surface-type finishes have been used successfully with bamboo. Darker colors may tend to show lap marks-moving quickly during application and applying finishquickly around cut-in areas can
minimize this effect. Filling is recommended.

COMMENTS: Mostly available factory-finished.  Because the product is rigid, installers should pay careful attention to the flatness of the subfloor.

Readily available.

Information Provided by The National Wood Flooring Association

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